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Angel Investors Initiatives For Construction Sector

Many people become angel investors to have a first row seat in innovation in many industries. It is endlessly interesting to learn about trends and to meet the inspiring entrepreneurs who are leading the way. Plus, it is a great way for angel investors to use their skills, capital and networks to support these companies.

Angel Investors in Construction Sectors

Angels are high net worth individuals who are passionate about supporting start-up businesses and participating in this investment sector. Angels invest in start-up companies in exchange for an equity share of the businesses. Equally important, angel investors often add substantial value to the companies by sharing their advice, skills and networks. Without access to funding from angels, many of these companies would be unable to grow. Much angel investing is done through organized angel groups whose members work together to identify investment opportunities, conduct due diligence, monitor the companies’ progress and provide support in many other ways.

Innovative Construction Technologies

Historically, the multi-trillion dollar sector has been slow to adopt new technologies, as builders rely on a variety of disparate systems to manage projects, traditional building methods to construct homes and non-smart materials. But the construction sector is on the verge of major disruption as tech start-ups tackle head-on the industry’s biggest pressure points - companies that have developed software solutions aimed at streamlining processes and increasing efficiencies are increasingly common, prefab construction has evolved thanks to innovation in that space, and 3D printing technology can create homes in a matter of days. Funding in U.S.-based construction technology startups surged by 324 percent, to nearly $3.1 billion in 2018 compared with $731 million in 2017. And to date, the construction technology sector has found three Unicorns—startups valued at more than $1 billion—in Katerra, Procore and Uptake.

Angel Investment Circles in Malaysia

In April 2019, with the help of our partner angel investors from the US, we started to launch a series of angel investment circles in Malaysia. The first is Angels in Science in partnership with Academy of Sciences Malaysia to focus on seed and early stage investments in science-backed startups founded in Malaysia, and the second is UM Angels a University of Malaya alumni angel circle that would invest in startups founded from UM.

We are hoping to help launch the third angel circle in the country in partnership with Malaysian Service Providers Confederation to enable a group of people to invest between MYR 25K to 100K in early stage construction tech startups founded in Malaysia. We will be exploring all this on Thursday, June 13 2019 @MATRADE.

Register here to attend and to receive information for future events. https://bit.ly/2MuUiru