Application Requirements

Eligible Applicants

  • Malaysian citizen only

  • The members of the Administration & Professional, The Dignitaries, Senior Government Officials or equivalent Senior Government Officials frequently travels to the Asia Pacific Region with APEC countries must be endorsed by the Ministry or Department concerned

  • The members of the business and investment community who has activities of trade and investment with the (21) economies. The members of the business and investment community must be endorsed by the appointed regulatory agencies through a Supporting Letter. 3.1 

Non-Eligible Applicants

  • Name/Company in the criminal record of the applicant or blacklist:
    i. Royal Malaysian Police
    ii. Immigration Department of Malaysia.

  • Applicant from liability (Spouse or children).

  • Athletes,journalists,entertainers,musician’s artists or equivalent.

  • People who engage in employment or work while on vacation.

  • Enterprise status companies.

List of Regulatory Agencies

The regulatory agencies appointed are responsible for ensure:

  • Qualified applicants .

  • Existance of Company and a bona fine applicant.

  • The applicant holds an Executive Post

  • Company or the applicant is registered with Regulatory Agency.

The validity of the supporting letter is three (3) month from the issuance date.

  1. Related government agencies:- MITI, MIDA, SME CORP, MATRADE, MDEC

  2. Malaysian Representative Offices Abroad

  3. Federation Of Malaysian Manufacturer (FMM)

  4. Malay Chamber Of Commerce Malaysia (MCCM)

  5. Associated Chinese Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (ACCCIM)

  6. Malaysian Indian Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (MAICCI)

  7. Malaysian Service Providers Confederation (MSPC)

  8. Malaysian International Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (MICCI)

  9. Professional Bodies : Engineering, Accounting, Legal, Medical and Development.